What visage do you engage, and what engages your visage?

A thought or two about mindfulness: Regardless of how mindful we are of it, we engage very deeply with every visage, deeper than we might know; everything we look at engages us deeply, even for people who are unaware of it.


The Rending of the Veil

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It’s not romantic. Headlong into the teeth of this anticivilization at a time of apparent increasing rending of the veil. It’s not like a mission, or a “calling” but all too often the feeling that one’s own mysticism and hope emerges…


The extinct dinosaur called The Individual

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The extinct dinosaur called The Individual by Jon Rappoport March 19, 2015 “Give up your dreams, if you must. Cease dreaming altogether. Call those dreams and ambitions and visions…delusions. Then you will be ready. Then you can truly serve humanity. You can fall back into the arms…


Jam the teleprompter, shock the monkey

Impulses can be responsive; we can take control of these impulses and direct them ourselves. We can improve the ratio of self authority v. external authority.


Exit From The Matrix: never give up on artists

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Exit From The Matrix: never give up on artists by Jon Rappoport November 1, 2014 Artists are telling us something, whether we want to believe it nor not. They’re telling us to listen more deeply to what is there or could be there in us, no matter…


This is the way I guess I have to do it.

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Last year I did the NaNoWriMo challenge and wrote 50,000+ words of a novel. There were nights when it was easy peasy and there were nights where it was like trying the get wet sand out of a soda bottle at the beach, but I did it. This year the…


Reflecting on the first Annual Day of Focused Moments

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In essence, for those of you who are not going to read this whole thing, the first Day of Focused Moments was successful, because it caused me to think about the focuses all day, not just for those moments. I spent 10-15 minutes thinking about how and…