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Remember Your First Book Review?

It all takes time, but I received my first book review.. and also a 5 star-rating from someone who bought it on Amazon.. so I am getting at least somewhere. Hoping someone with a little better sense of humor can review it, but this one was a THREE out of FOUR possible stars. [Drumroll] [Following… Continue reading Remember Your First Book Review?

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How to Self-Publish Books

“This guy’s book is only three dollars and he really needs to learn how to sell books, because most people have three bucks whether they know how to read or not.”

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The New Word to Describe the Life of a Writer

If I want to spend more time writing, I am going to have to figure out how to sell my book, but if I spend my time selling it, I won’t have time to write.

War and Vegetables

I Laughed when I Found the Book Title

Book Title

At some point during the third or fourth revision I was searching the internet for music, just trying to relax an overstimulated mind and maybe find some inspiration. I was listening to Beatles songs that are somewhat rare, like demos and outtakes. I heard the book title in an interview with John Lennon and Paul McCartney, where the interviewer was asking them questions about youth culture, and what, if any good they thought they could bring to the youth of their era.

Many people try to be conscious about what’s important, and what, if any good they might do. We all think too much, and wouldn’t it be a lovely world if we could all settle our heads with more music and humor, and other good things. The original, working title for this book was ‘Stellar Gas’.

You can find the entire, very much worth the listen Lennon and McCartney interview on Youtube

This is an excerpt:

Interviewer: Let’s stick to the young people, and to the areas that you think are most fruitful to try to help in. I mean, again, I asked before where you thought young people were going and you said maybe there’ll be a reaction to what they have now. How does this relate to the real world, as you see it, to issues of war and peace and family and country?
John Lennon: All issues are relative. So it relates like that. It’s all just relative to each other. War… and vegetables… It’s all just relative, you know. So there’s relativity and absolute, and that’s how it relates.
Paul McCartney: That’s great Johnny.
Interviewer: That’s kind of hard though, for some people, to interpret you.
John Lennon: Well, if they can’t interpret it, maybe they will later, or come to their own conclusions, but that’s the way I think it is.

John Lennon working class hero onUS flag by Robert Run
Lennon was taken from us before he could become a U.S. citizen


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eBook War and Vegetables: A Chronicle of The Last Gas Station

The Millennials were next, with the Public Record in the palms of their hands.