What visage do you engage, and what engages your visage?

A thought or two about mindfulness

Regardless of how mindful we are of it, we engage very deeply with every visage, deeper than we might know; everything we view engages us deeply, even for people who are unaware of it. That is why it’s not only important for us be careful what we view, but it is important for us to be careful of what we project. We create with our projections. We create with our projections because what we project is affects people. People receive more deeply than they realize. Their resulting actions in turn create the world, just as ours do. Careful careful.

There are people who understand this principle and use it for dishonest means. They see their understanding of these principles as an opportunity to take advantage of, or control those who are not as deeply aware of it, making them jump through hoops or shrouding Universal laws and knowledge in some kind of phony mystery and destructive politics in order to make a profit and command minions, rather than having the desire to help others understand and become liberated.

Expect knowledge to come. Remind yourself to recognize it when it comes. We act on instincts, not hopes. It is there, you are connected to it. The deeper the understanding is regarding this, the less deception by those who see you as an opportunity rather than as a value. You don’t need permission. It costs nothing.


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