Jam the teleprompter, shock the monkey

Impulses can be reactive; we are an alarmingly reactive species. Anything like the emergency alert by the teleprompter in your living room, controlled by the people on the other end of the outlet where it is plugged in. That appliance, applied to your brain, can direct these impulses as much as any politics, ideology, religion, or any other marketing campaign. They can prompt these impulses and they can direct these impulses. Everyone wants a slice.

Impulses can be responsive; we can take control of these impulses and direct them ourselves. We can improve the ratio of self authority v. external authority.

We study about ourselves. We learn about the way the brains we possess function. These are organs with functions. The brain is an organ of organs; The Juicy King of Juicy Kings. The impulse is not the flaw, the impulse is the jewel. Impulses, in any dimension, simultaneous, integrated, delicious; dripping with essence, the dew, reabsorbed, succulent and owned wholly by the possessor, not for rent, not under a spell, not for sale, and completely undirected by anything external. The self-directed impulse flows like hair and hips.

That’s the description of you catching yourself before getting tricked into giving yourself to the phantasm of external authority over your mind. Those are the ones; they are the impulses categorized under “thoughts”. We have thoughts.

We’ve learned the difference.



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