Exit From The Matrix: never give up on artists

Rappoport is a whip.

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Exit From The Matrix: never give up on artists

by Jon Rappoport

November 1, 2014

Artists are telling us something, whether we want to believe it nor not. They’re telling us to listen more deeply to what is there or could be there in us, no matter where we find ourselves, in what situation, at what position in our lives. They’re telling us there is liberation.

There is liberation from the ordinary. From the repetitive, from the soulless, from the machine, from the dead end, from the false veneer of happiness, from the pretensions of wisdom, from the bottled beliefs, from the prepackaged satisfaction, from closed systems, from whatever holds us in check.

The artist, whether he is exclaiming Yes or No, is exploring realms beyond society and what it purports to offer.

The artist is shoving in all his chips on a cosmic gamble, and in that moment…

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