Reflecting on the first Annual Day of Focused Moments

A Day of Focused Moments

In essence, for those of you who are not going to read this whole thing, the first Day of Focused Moments was successful, because it caused me to think about the focuses all day, not just for those moments. I spent 10-15 minutes thinking about how and what I was going to focus on for the 10-15 seconds of each moment. In between moments I thought more about the next moment, and I thought about how I could not stop thinking about the focuses. So, the DOFM is kind of like an accelerant. It is an example of an Exponential Circuit, because you become conscious of how you guide your consciousness.

As for the pictures, all they are is a record, wherever I was during that moment, I turned off the alarm on the phone as I read the alarm description to confirm which focus I was on. I…

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