sadness in america

The point for the people in control right now is fear. Instilling fear in Americans against each other. Different people react differently. Some go on shooting sprees, some slander and libel others, accusing them of seeking harm and violence, just to be sure they are not accused first. But the main point is to keep the attention off the crimes of the inept people who control a practically dead system, as they use the whole farce as a means to convince the weak-minded that they need them for “protection” from “all those crazies” out there. The reality is that 100th of one percent of Americans want to be violent or harmful to others. The people in control love the way everyone just plays into their hands by constantly accusing each other of having violent intent. Really, it’s not hard to see where the violence comes from when you stop and think for 5 minutes.

#shooting, #guns


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