Do You “Believe” That You Are a Myth?

Are You a Myth?

Until one understands the reality of of Individual Consciousness, there is no way that it is possible for one to understand the true empowerment in collective action. Consciousness manifests in the individual, consciousness does not manifest in “the collective”, there is no “collective” in the philosophical sense, “the collective” is a myth. The individual must be the seat of rights. Individual Rights, applied Universally to all people is the only way the true potential of humans, collectively, will be reached. Corporate Personhood is a fallacy instituted and enforced under the myth of “the collective”, as is the political class, unbound by common law, as is Religion, unaccountable to evidence. The anti-civilization is dependent on the conflation of destructive ego with self-esteem and self-worth. For the anti-civilization to continue, the Individual must be denied on behalf of the collective, business must be conflated with greed, the political class must be conflated with morality, and the Individual must not be allowed to defend itself. Robert Run: Author


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