Goodreads review for Hank Rally, President 50

Here is a nice review from Goodreads

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Hank Rally on Goodreads  (<- if you click that)

by Robert Run (Goodreads Author), Juan McGowen (Illustrator)

Deborah Blair‘s review
May 14

5 of 5 stars

Read in May, 2013

The episodic graphic novel, Hank Rally – President 50 – Happy Do’Ya’Merica! – Volume 1 – Issue 00 Primer – is a wonderful foundational beginning for what is surely to be a fun and inspirational graphic series that will entertain us as we revision where our country and the world is headed. Written by Robert Run, illustrated by Juan McGowen – this work is a courageous venture that is looking for a well deserved boost with a Kickstarter campaign – you can learn more and become a backer by going to : Even though Robert gave me the eBook to review without pledging, after reading it I gladly went to Kickstater and made a pledge!


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