69 with Robert Run

I traveled from Chicago to Tucumcari, New Mexico in 19 hours. That is 1300 miles according to my odometer. That is an average of about 69 mph and that seems about right. I went to bed at 2 am, woke up at 6 am and was on the road  by 8:30 am, traveling 8 hours to get to my destination at this place in the Gila National Forest which is amazing. Here I am in the Desert with a river flowing right outside my cabin. Then I slept for12 hours.
There is plenty of work for me to do here that is comfortably within my core skill set of landscaping and masonry, and there is plenty of time for me to write. I am noticing that there is not a lot of support for my Hank Rally graphic novel series yet. I am not worried about it because I am confident that once a few people read it they will be sharing the chance with their friends and it will take off, one way or another.
For those of you who are too cheap to take a 5 dollar plunge but like freebies, you can read an excerpt from the novel I am working on. You do to have to commit to pay for anything and you can get an idea of what my writing is like. Here: As new excerpts become available I will send them to you. You can traverse all over that blog for all sorts of free writing from me.  If you are too lazy to fill out the little form to get the excerpt.. well, there is no hope for you, so whatever. I also like this post on my Tumblr:
Here is my quote for the day:
“When you repeat things you hear from other people without doing any research, that is called “talking shit”. It’s like taking a shit out of your mouth with words. It sounds alike, kind of. “Taking a shit”/ “talking shit”, but the difference is taking a shit is necessary, but you.. you’re just an asshole with a face.”  Robert Run
Have a very good, productive day.

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