Wow, the driving

This is long, hopefully not rambley, and if you are interested in me and my experience you can take some time to read this. Essentially, this is me practicing and getting my self into shape on the writing end of things because I have a long row to hoe when I get to Missouri.

I have had a very good ride so far. There is a lot happening and there are things to relay but I have to get the driving experience out of the way before I get into the rest of it.

When I left the Northwoods I drove right into a really harsh Spring mix. It was more sleet than snow, and more slush than ice. I had to get off the road with my small sedan.  I had seen several cars spun off the road, cars larger than mine. I can remember some curves that were very harsh under the circumstances.

I took a room at a local Motel and accepted the disappointment of not getting to Chicago till the next day. I got online, and  I wrote this plan, here.

Getting to Chicago was no problem. I was there for two days.. relevant details to come in some future post before I get to Missouri. Thank you and I love you’se.

Getting to the Detroit Area to see my dad was also pretty breezy. It was all very familiar.. And I had made the 14 strip from 94 between Ann Arbor and the Jefferies many many times. Yep, it’s still there.

The time with my Dad was impressive because he is yet another story of an elder who improves by leaps and bounds when they go off so many meds and take control. Yes. The guy I hung out with over the weekend was my Dad. It was him. Not so much the guy I saw a year ago. I’ll get way more into this. Believe it.

Now.. I leave Detroit and head into a radio broadcast about tornadoes, and this was the foreshadowing for 6 hours of driving through a wind and rain storm. It was so hard. It was all focus and will. I was halfway to Findley when I saw this big, bowing cloud. I do not know if it qualifies as a funnel cloud, but no one was going to tell this cloud it couldn’t start funneling any minute, if it felt like it. Then we wrestled for control of my car for 6 hours. The wind was challenging. At one point the wind practically changed lanes for me. Everyone was feeling it and people were keeping their distance from each other. Good thing.

I finally got out of that storm and missed the 275 Bypass around Cincinnati. It’s ok, because I if it’s good enough for Cincinnati then it’s good enough for me. No complaints. Then this RV Fire happened in front of me on the other side of the median on the far shoulder going opposite. I was coming over this hill and I saw the flames jump and then there was the obligatory delayed “boom”, and just thick, black smoke. As I came up to it I could see from across the median that the front windows were melting out and I could -feel- the heat from all the way across the highway, on the other side of the median. I saw from my rear view mirror that there were bicycles on a rack on the back of the RV. I really don’t know what the details are, but gosh, you know?

Now I am at a room somewhere near Lexington. This driving thing. It has been eventful. A few more days to go before Florida.

Keywords: Road trip, travel, Chicago, Detroit, Ann Arbor, Cincinnati, Lexington, will, driving, focus


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