Spatial Relationships Determine Perspective

Spatial relationships determine perspective.

It’s the people we see on a day to day basis, throughout our lives, in our proximity who influence us and make us who we are. How are we going to be with them? That’s who we are here with. That person is who you are experiencing this moment with. They might not be family, or have the same language, or color, and they might be from a completely different location on the Planet.

-That- is the person you are here with right now. How amazing is that? Their grandparents might have been born somewhere completely different than yours. You should be awestruck. What a moment.

So, you are going to be interested, and nice, and kind, and receptive and gentle and make it count. Whatever affects them, affects you. You live near them. You are part of the same system. You share whatever proximal system you are in.

Ultimately, spacial, proximal relationships affect us more than our cultures, our “race”, our language, religion or politics.

== Keywords: Road trip, clownishness, pedantic, expansive, mugwort, proximity, dreamtime, night night



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